Industrial Scale Additive Manufacturing

a few words about us

Titomic is an Australian additive manufacturing specialist established to help companies leverage advanced materials and a new proprietary Kinetic Fusion process to produce stronger and faster products at scale.

Co-developed with CSIRO, the Titomic process overcomes the limitations of previous additive manufacturing (3D printing) for metals to manufacture complex parts without shape and size constraints. Based on the well-known ‘Cold Spray technologies’ the US Military use on Blackhawk helicopters’ maintenance and repair, benefits include:

• World’s fastest build rates, 30 times faster than the largest commercial 3D printers available

• Leverage superior materials with the fusion of dissimilar metals and blended alloys

• Production volumes without tooling

• Stronger structures without welding, folding or bending

• Reduced time to market; faster manufacturing time + localised production

• Lower production costs

We provide surface engineering and end to end production support; equipment, software, training, prototyping, product testing, manufacturing modelling, technical support and maintenance.

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