Why join Titomic?
If you are looking for work with a purpose and perhaps to make a difference in the evolving manufacturing world of the future, Titomic is for you.

Titomic is not just another advanced manufacturing technology company. For a small team, we have lofty ambitions to make a difference in the world that goes beyond function.  For starters, we ask ourselves how we can make manufacturing viable in all countries and economies; we plan for our technology to radically alter traditional methods of producing goods. Titomic systems can be set up in the country of operations and our method of manufacturing transitions people from piece and line work to operating equipment and facilitating processes. We believe we are one step closer to levelling the global manufacturing playing field.

Everything we do is with the future firmly in mind, with innovative and sustainable methodology delivering results and building a great work environment.

Why work with Titomic

What are we looking for?
The team we build is our most powerful differentiator. We aim to be an inclusive, diverse team of talented and creative individuals. We hold each other accountable and this helps us work together to deliver on our common goals.  We are looking for candidates who share our vision, possess outstanding ability and specialist experience. You will be passionate about learning, be self-motivated with success measured by how you can help others succeed too. You will be able to work with cutting-edge technologies and material science yet communicate in a way that is easy to understand.

Finding solutions for our customers is at the heart of everything we do. You will help us achieve and exceed expectations of our customers with this philosophy. You will help us set the manufacturing standards of the future.

Our values
Titomic’s four core values help define our company culture and guide everything we do.

• Customer-centricity : The customer is at the heart of everything we do.
• Accountability : We hold ourselves accountable to our shareholders and investors, our customers, our partners, and to one another. Integrity and clarity are essential in how we conduct ourselves.
• Creativity : We actively listen to unearth new opportunities and find the most efficient solution to problems.
• Inclusive : While what we do is based on research, science and innovation, we are approachable and embrace diversity in order to engage with our stakeholders.

We believe in producing more with less for future generations, and leaving the world in a better position than when we started. If you like to be considered to be a part of this vision, please click on the link below to send through your introduction and CV. All information sent to us will be treated in confidence and we are bound by our Privacy Policy.

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