Industrial Scale Additive Manufacturing

What is Kinetic Fusion

Titomic's Kinetic Fusion (TKF) process is a unique, patented additive manufacturing process for the application of titanium and titanium alloy powders onto a scaffold surface to rapidly produce titanium or titanium/composite products and parts to a scale and quality not possible via any other additive manufactuing process.

Co-developed with the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) the Australian federal government agency for scientific research, the TKF process is an automated robotic process and effectively creates (by spraying onto a scaffold) complex objects in 3D. As compared with classic titanium 3D printers, this new form of additive manufacturing is approximately 50 times faster, more than 50% cheaper and approximately 50% stronger. Not only is it faster, cheaper & stronger than 3D printing but in most cases it is also faster, Cheaper and Stronger than traditional forged and welded products. Case Study.

How it works

Property Characteristics

  • Minimal thermal alteration or oxidization of the material due to heat
  • Fine, compressed layers indistinguishable from each other
  • Electrical conductivity is 2-4 times of the conductivity of other spraying techniques
  • Activated metals include Titanium, gold, silver, aluminum, aluminum bronze, copper, monel, nickel chrome, nickel, stainless steel, tin, zinc, cermet, brazing material, and solder
  • Can be use in/on a wide array of materials, including metals, non-ferrous metals, ceramic, glass, stone and plastic.