Titomic’s focus is on leveraging advanced materials such as super alloys to help customers take advantage of advanced manufacturing processes. The Titomic Kinetic Fusion process allows dissimilar metals, alloys, composites and hybrid materials to be fused together, creating new advanced materials and parts componentry with engineered properties not available with any other manufacturing technology. There has been a limited evolution of titanium alloys with manufacturers continuing to use alloys developed in the 1960s. There is a current opportunity for Titomic to re-define alloying parameters and as a result, create new super alloys for industry applications.

Our tested powders undergo rigourous quality control to meet stringent performance and regulatory requirements.

Titomic offers a range of metal/ alloy powders for additive manufacturing, including proprietary titanium alloy powders for use in Titomic machines.

Metallurgical design of new super alloys can be developed for clients to optimise design for manufacturability processes.

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