Industrial Scale Additive Manufacturing

Product Applications

The Titomic Kinetic Fusion process has applications for most manufacturing sectors and provides manufacturers with the first viable large scale additive manufacturing process for metal/alloys/ceramics. Titomic Kinetic Fusion can replace destructive manufacturing processes and or fabricated processes to produce large parts of almost any size. Titomic’s new facility in Melbourne will house a 3D metal printer with a 40.5 cubic metre build area and will be the largest additive manufacturing machine in the world. However this is not the limits of Titomic’s technology. In fact the Titomic Kinetic Fusion process can be configured to produce products of nearly any size. Titomic Kinetic Fusion does not need to be constrained to a booth nor does it need to be gas shielded. Please talk to us about your product requirements.

Titomic has identified the following sectors as industries that would benefit from their proprietary and patented Titomic Kinetic Fusion process. Titomic welcomes interest from manufacturers in these sectors;

1. Aerospace
2. Automotive
3. Building & Construction (including furniture)
4. Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing Machinery
5. Marine (except boat hulls)
6. Medical & Patient Equipment
7. Military
8. Sporting