Industrial Scale Additive Manufacturing

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The 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing industry has to this date manufacturing limitations of size, speed, cost and volumes which in turn limits the design ingenuity of product innovation.

Challenges we solve

Speed to Market

With build rates 30 times faster than the largest commercial 3D printing equipment available, Titomic has the leading edge in the additive manufacturing space to enable you to cut production lead time from days to hours, create and test prototypes, localise production without the need to ship and assemble and as a result respond quicker to market changes, shorten design cycles and benefit from first mover advantages.

Design without limits

Our proprietary additive manufacturing process is a design to manufacture process, which allows unlimited material science possibilities with the fusion of dissimilar metals and blended alloys. Titomic helps you create new products and techniques with superior materials; solutions limited only by the imagination and not manufacturing constraints.  Our process also does away with welding, folding and bending which means stronger products without weak points so you can design freely to achieve true innovation.

Customise and produce volumes

3D printing enables personalisation and customisation but comes at a price of small volumes due to the physical limitations of the 3D printer, production time and prohibitive material costs.  The Titomic Kinetic Fusion process not only facilitates customisation without size constraints for agile response to a specific customer or market, we can scale production volumes with faster build rates and competitive material costs. Our method does not require tooling which simplifies the supply chain, resulting in less design iterations so you can spend more time innovating and less time troubleshooting.

The competition heats up

Another challenge of 3D Printing is the cost of materials, higher production cost and a necessary heating process which melts the build layers together. The heating process can cause the surface to warp as the build size becomes larger. This risk is eliminated in the Titomic Kinetic Fusion process as the powders mechanically bond to the surface with the cold spray at supersonic speeds.  Cost of metal powders is also price competitive and requires less machining with a near net shape build.


3D printing solutions improve the quality and standards of products to deliver a better customer experience. The advantages of streamlined workflows and better performance properties is only useful if the process is repeatable and sustainable. The Titomic Kinetic Fusion process is a result of the pursuit of sustainability, with 90% less material wastage and using abundant resources and a more energy efficient mining process, Titomic boosts a smaller carbon footprint while we help bring your ideas to life.

Our services include

• Design to Engineering

• Rapid Prototyping

• Product Testing & Validation

• Material Lab Services

• Manufacturing Modelling

• Finishing

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