Aviation & Space

Aviation & Space

The aerospace industry is the largest customer of titanium alloy products. Titanium’s corrosion resistance, high strength to weight ratio and performance at high temperature are favourable to aviation & space applications.

Aircraft made with titanium parts are lighter and more fuel efficient. The aviation & space industry has been replacing aluminium alloys in manufacturing with super alloys containing titanium because of their ability to resist heat and corrosion. Components that can be manufactured using Titomic’s technology with Titanium include airframe, landing gear, fastenings and jet engine parts such as shafts, casings, blades and discs.

Titanium is also an important material in the space industry, providing superior corrosion resistance paired with high strength and low density. Many of the space vehicles constructed by NASA have been manufactured from titanium alloys. Our technology is also suitable for military manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Titomic Kinetic Fusion process is based on a proven protective coating technologies utilised by the US military for Blackhawk helicopters' maintenance and repair. This technology has been redefined as a large scale advanced manufacturing process. Titomic is now applying this in two specific ways : large, complex, seamless structures as well as near net shape parts.

For example in the aerospace industry, up to 90% of aluminium or titanium material is machined away from a billet to achieve the final part. Titomic’s process can create a near net shape which requires machining away only 10% of material and as a result, cutting buy-to-fly ratio by up to 80%, improving profitability and reducing production time from days to hours.

Case study : Titomic Kinetic Fusion demonstrates significant cost, time and material savings in the manufacture of a Titanium aircraft component.


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