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Titomic’s patented process to produce titanium alloys without any shape or size constraints opens up new applications in civil and construction engineering.

Titanium alloys’ corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio outperform other structural materials such as steel and aluminium alloys.  The use of titanium can increase the fatigue strength of buildings, especially in high seismic zones. Titanium has high corrosion resistance against aggressive marine environments, ultraviolet rays and other extreme atmospheric conditions.

Architects prefer to use titanium because of the ability to create aesthetic, challenging structures that would have been otherwise impossible with traditional materials. Building applications include cladding, facades and sculptural structures.

Titanium is environmentally friendly as it also does not corode and leach into ground water, contaminating the environment. With its superior corrosion resistant properties and long life cycle, it is favourable for use in stringent building standards.

Titomic is redefining applications in the architecture, engineering and construction space. Contact us to discuss your project in building & construction.


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