Titanium’s corrosion and wear resistance for aggressive environments, high strength to weight ratio and performance at high temperature are favourable to many law enforcement and defence applications. Titanium is 60 percent lighter than steel and is just as strong. Components of military vehicles, aircraft, frigates, vessels and submarines made with titanium parts are lighter and result in better fuel efficiency. The defence industry has been replacing aluminium and steel parts in manufacturing with composites, however composites have issues of stress cracking which can result in catastrophic failure. Many unmanned aerial vehicles have to be transported in bulky protective cases and cannot be reused after crash landing. Titanium’s superior mechanical properties combined with Titomic Kinetic Fusion process makes it the ideal choice of material for defence.

Force Protection and Munitions

From additively manufacturing components for missile capability to small arms, Titomic Kinetic Fusion offers fast production utilising less resources, competing with traditional manufacturing methods. Titomic is at the forefront of transforming force protection capabilities.

Weapon components tend to wear with repeated rounds of fire and require more stiffness to improve accuracy and extend the life. Titomic Kinetic Fusion is the only viable process to fuse dissimilar metals together in one component to provide enhanced stiffness together with weight savings of 50%.

Capabilities include

  • Low observable signatures to improve survivability against air defence systems

  • Hypersonic coatings for high-altitude and corrosive environments to deliver payloads across terrains

  • Fusion of dissimilar metals to achieve enhanced properties in one structure

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The war fighter today is constantly faced with new asymmetric threats and needs to be mobile in a multitude of complex operational scenarios. By delivering enhanced performance and reduced weight in infantry systems, war fighters are not overloaded and can react better to tactical conditions and improve the survivability and mobility.

Titomic offers scalable additive manufacturing technology to manufacture in reduced volume for a wide variety of metal soldier system components to improve protection and performance for the individual rifleman, resulting in reduced weight and energy consumption. This enhances mission flexibility, mobility and the ability to adapt to new situations.

Capabilities include

  • Customised to fit uniform configuration, reducing weight and improving protection flexibility

  • High performance metal coatings for ballistics mass efficiency, high strength to weight ratio in soldier systems’ components to improve mobility and survivability

  • Deposit on thermally sensitive substrates

  • Dissimilar metal multi-layer lightweight armour plates



Soldier Systems

Up to 90% of aluminium or titanium material is machined away from a billet to achieve the final part in components for armoured personnel carriers, tanks and trucks. Titomic’s process can create a near net shape which requires machining away only 10% of material and as a result, improving profitability and reducing production time from days to hours.

Capabilities include

  • Next gen metallic coatings, manufacture on demand for sustainment and maintenance agility

  • Components made with lighter and stronger super alloys are more fuel efficient for vehicles

  • Upgrade or manufacture of stronger, light weight armour fabrication

  • Eliminate manufacturing constraints by optimising complex shapes designed for application

  • Structure and part surfaces can be enhanced with materials engineering or produced with superior materials such as titanium super alloys and hybrid materials.




Maritime Frigates, Vessels and Submarines

Titomic's industrial scale metal 3D printing machines can create large, load bearing structures and metal componentry for frigates, offshore patrol boats, landing craft, unmanned underwater vehicles, naval equipment and submarines. Titomic Kinetic Fusion replaces traditionally manufacturing of metal parts for naval and marine to create seamless complex shapes with improved corrosion resistance.

Capabilities include

  • high performance anti-fouling and hydrodynamic metal coatings

  • restorative metal additive manufacturing of hulls and worn, corroded parts

  • Large scale additive manufacturing of marine propulsion, drive shafts, turbine blades, rudders and bearings

  • Corrosion resistant dual-wall metal piping & valves to replace laser cladding & polymer coatings





Next generation super alloy additive manufactured near net shapes where only 10% of the material is machined away cuts the buy-to-fly ratio by up to 80%, reducing machining time from days to hours.

Titomic’s patented technology is suitable for building large, complex, seamless structures for applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aircraft system (UAS), unmanned surface vehicles (USV), autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV or underwater drones).

Trusted autonomous systems such as tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (TUAVs) are unmanned robotics systems, supervised by human operators, that always act in predictable and reliable ways. With the increase in demand for operational reliability, environmental flexibility, there is a requirement for hand-held TUAVs to be ruggedised in order to vary payload capacity.

Titomic’s patented process utilises high performance Titanium alloys to additively manufacture UAVs with enhanced structured integrity, durability, stability for a more ruggedised UAVs to enable the warfighter to complete missions with reliability.

All metal construction also provides for tamperproof storage of operationally sensitive internal payloads from enemy combatants or curious friendlies. It is easier for simple cleaning and storage without the need for bulky (padded) cases in Q-stores, in deployed vehicles or in soldiers’ packs.

In defensive positions, ruggedised UAVs can be deployed forward and set down as unmanned listening posts, provide continuous or intermittent all-weather perimeter patrol and communications relay.

Titomic Kinetic Fusion is the optimal additive manufacturing process for complex shaped UAVs with a variable payload. By creating a seamless, monocoque metal structure without joints or seams, this provides a significant improvement in stability, strength to weight ratio and impact resistance during UAV landing whether it is intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance or for deliveries at the frontline.


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