Titanium’s corrosion and wear resistance for aggressive environments, high strength to weight ratio and performance at high temperature are favourable to many defence applications. Titanium is 60 percent lighter than steel and is just as strong.  Military aircraft, ships and vehicles made with titanium parts are lighter and are more fuel efficient. The defence industry has been replacing aluminium and steel parts in manufacturing  with composites, however composites have issues of stress cracking which can result in catastrophic failure. Titanium’s superior mechanical properties combined with Titomic Kinetic Fusion process makes it the ideal choice of material for defence. 

Titomic's industrial scale metal 3D printing machines can create large, load bearing structures for aircraft, ground vehicles and marine vessels.  The patented Titomic Kinetic Fusion process is based on coatings technologies utilised by the US Military on Blackhawk helicopters' maintenance and repair.  

Structure and part surfaces can be enhanced with materials engineering or produced with superior materials such as titanium super alloys and ceramic-titanium hybrid materials.

Another use of Titomic Kinetic Fusion technology is in the efficient application of ballistics protection materials. Our patented technology is also suitable for building large, complex, seamless structures for military applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or unmanned aircraft system (UAS), unmanned surface vehicles (USV), autonomous surface vehicles (ASV) and unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV or underwater drones).  

In aerospace & defence, up to 90% of aluminium or titanium material is machined away from a billet to achieve the final part. Titomic’s process can create a near net shape which requires machining away only 10% of material and as a result, cutting buy-to-fly ratio by up to 80%, improving profitability and reducing production time from days to hours.

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