Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering

Design without limits
Titomic's proprietary additive manufacturing process opens up to designers a whole new range of material science possibilities. This includes the blending of multiple metal powders to create super alloys and the fusion of metals with composites to create hybrid materials. Titomic helps you create new products and components with superior materials; solutions limited only by the imagination and not traditional manufacturing constraints. Our process also does away with welding, fabrication and assembly to create monocoque structures without fatigue and fracture points so you can design freely to achieve true innovation.

Engineering for optimised product properties
3D printing is known to remove limitations of traditional manufacturing and as a result reduce design cycle time and production costs. Titomic takes 3D printing to a whole new level with :

1) Build rates of 45 kg p/hr which are significantly faster than current 3D printers
2) The fusion of metals to  create super alloys
3) Industrial scale volumes without extensive production tooling requirements
4) No shape or size build constraints
5) Up to 80% savings in material wastage compared to traditional machining of billet

To learn more how Titomic can optimise your manufacturing processes, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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