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Jeffrey Lang
Managing Director
Jeff is an experienced senior executive and technologist in R&D of advanced manufacturing technologies and implementation on automated manufacturing operations in Australia, Europe and Asia. With 30+ years' of experience in Research and Development of advanced manufacturing technologies across several industry sectors, Jeff has received awards in Europe, China and Australia for his work in composite technology and commercialisation of new manufacturing systems and products. Jeff has many years of business experience in the R&D of both material science and advanced technologies working and collaborating with many international brands, manufacturers, universities, government agencies, scientific organisations and industry associations.

As a corporate and innovation visionary, Jeff has led multiple efforts in the development of future advanced technologies by driving a culture of “outside the box” creative thinking to successfully manage collaborations & partnerships with vested interests in advanced technologies and product innovation. Jeff assists companies and organisations with creative solutions and resolution by analysis of conceptual ideas and products to effectively transfer new technologies through to commercialisation.

  Peter Vaughan 
Company Secretary & Chief Financial Officer
Peter is a Chartered Accountant who has worked in a listed company environment for approximately 14 years across multiple industries. He has served on and provided accounting, administration, compliance and general management and corporate advisory services to several private, not-for-profit and public company boards of directors and related committees. Peter recently completed a Senior Executive Masters of Business Administration at Melbourne University.


Vahram Papyan
Chief Strategy Officer
Vahram has held several executive positions in the European mining industry, where he worked in project and operation management. He brings a wealth of experience in the fields of project management, business analysis, procurement and contract management. Vahram holds a Bachelors degree in engineering from EREA and Masters degree in applied project management from The University of Adelaide.

  Nathanael Miller
Chief Technology Officer
Nathanael has 13 years' NASA aerospace experience, including most recently holding roles as Aerospace Technologist at NASA Langley Research Center’s Mechanical Systems Branch, NASA Lab 77 Founder, and Lead Mission Developer, Chief Engineer for the Shields-1 CubeSat, Sub-Systems Lead for Sub-System Lead IRVE-3 (Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment). Outside of Developing NASA Langley’s small satellite portfolio, he also served industry as a Director on the Board of the Congress On the Future of Engineering Software (COFES). 
  Mich Mak
General Manager of Marketing & Investor Relations
Mich is an experienced senior executive with 18+ years' marketing experience managing brand, communications, advertising, digital and CRM for global tech brands such as O2, Sony Ericsson and Dassault Systemes’ engineering, data management products at Invenio. Mich has also years of marketing, operations and project management experience in industrial coatings within the Oil & Gas and Mining sector. She has held executive positions in Australian mining, Oil & Gas engineering services company GlobalOne and global telecommunications provider Telefonica O2. Mich currently holds the position of committee member on the Victorian Defence Alliance – Land Systems.

Jayesh Modi 
General Manager of Technology
Jayesh is a senior engineering executive with an astute commercial mind and passion for achieving customers goals, driven to profitability through innovation, productivity and quality. Jayesh has led international collaborative research with major engineering universities and world leaders in additive manufacturing in Germany. Jayesh is credited with a dozen patents as named inventor, of which two are aproaching proof of concept with global entities. His area of expertise spans from 3D additive manufacturing to automotive sub-systems, tooling and machine tools and advanced metallurgical processes.


Peter Teschner
General Manager of Bike Division
Peter is one of the most experienced bicycle designers in the industry with over 25 years’ experience. His work with the finest materials such as titanium, scandium alloy blends and carbon fibre has resulted in his peers referring to him as a ‘Master Craftsman’, and his bicycles being recognised globally for their innovative build and superior performance qualities. As the GM of Titomic’s bike division, Peter’s experience and skill in designing and manufacturing bicycles will help position Titomic at the edge of future industry trends to identify opportunities for growth, partnership, and to benchmark output.

  Brian Tuohy
General Manager of Procurement and HR
Brian brings a depth and diversity of experience from the plastics and manufacturing industry, including automotive, industrial and food packaging, and toolmaking sectors, with senior management responsibilities in areas of product and technical development, quality and OH&S, sales and marketing, and training.  Brian has worked for and with major multinational organisations and has a strong network locally and internationally with key influencers and decision makers, ensuring that the right people can be accessed for the best outcomes.  Brian has a strong commitment to getting the best out of people and ensuring that they are fully informed and engaged and share the vision and passion for the future of Titomic.

  Angela McGinness
Senior Administration Manager
Operations generalist with strong Financial, Contracts, Accounting, HR & Quality process experience across industries such as Technology, Real Estate, Accounting, and Manufacturing including Australian Industry Group in capacity of Regional Officer, most recently with Grey Innovation Group as Office Manager, managing various businesses including all facets of operations and compliance in Accounting, Governance, Payroll, Procurement, Contracts including HR, IP, License Agreements, Grants including Milestone records and reporting, active in maintaining the Quality Management program and certification status.

  Chris Ward
Executive Assistant | Administration Manager
Chris has experience in project accounting, management accounting and executive assistant roles in industries including telecommunications, FMCG and agriculture. She holds a Bachelors degree in economics, a Graduate Diploma in accounting, and a Masters in business administration and is a member of CPA Australia.


Khanh Nguyen
Khanh has experience in the preparation and assistance of Management Accounting, Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance for publicly listed, not for profit and private entities. She holds a Master degree in Accounting and Finance and is currently undertaking post-graduate qualification to become qualified as a Chartered Accountant.


Beau Lang
Sales and Marketing Associate, Bike Division
With a youthful passion and drive to succeed, Beau has already had experience managing small teams in the consumer and industrial goods sector as well as 7+ years of sales experience in a broad range of industries including sporting goods.

  Amit Rathi 
Robotics Programmer
Amit has over 8 years' experience working with the fabrication of robots and robotic parts, developing process parameters and redefining and optimising program cycles. Amit holds an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technlogy and Mechatronics.


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