Titanium is a perfect material for use in marine applications because of its excellent resistance to corrosion in seawater as well as its high strength to weight ratio which translates to increased fuel efficiencies.

General maritime structural components, maritime platforms, pumps, valves, and piping for commercial vessels as well as underwater electrical connectors and sonar applications for ships, submarines, offshore patrol vessels, frigates, unmanned underwater vehicles and amphibious vessels are just some of the applications of Titomic’s system of manufacturing. Ship propellers made of titanium show much less corrosion and wear as compared to other materials.

With Titomic’s patented technology, production costs of titanium alloy parts can be as competitive as nickel alloys. Naval architects and design engineers can now incorporate titanium and blended alloys to provide superior performance over traditional marine materials.

Titomic has material engineering capabilities to design for client-specific requirements including protection from aggressive environments, anti-fouling, substrate strengthening and the ability to enhance surface properties such as improving electrical conductivity.

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