3D printing improves the quality and standards of products to deliver a better customer experience. The advantages of streamlined workflows and better performance properties is only useful if the process is repeatable and sustainable.  

Titomic is driven by the pursuit of sustainability and to produce more with less for all future generations.  We aim to achieve this by utilising materials from the country of origin to manufacture products to improve manufacturing economics and enable manufacturing viability to more countries.  By manufacturing products with Titomic Kinetic Fusion™ using materials from a more energy efficient mining process, industries can save up to 80% of material wastage in contrast to traditional manufacturing methods.  The process does not involve heat which means spare materials can be recycled for use again. 

Without the need for additional processes such as welding, folding, bending and tooling, Titomic’s process has a much lower energy consumption and smaller carbon footprint while we bring your ideas to life.

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